Thursday, March 26, 2009

Librarians 2.0 (AKA Informed Tour Guides of the Future)

"Away From the Icebergs"

I agree that we, as librarians, need to shift with the waves of oncoming technologies and reach beyond our environment to be beneficial to techno-savvy patrons but I also think it's important that we don't forget those patrons who still need us to be a so-called "typical" library. I still see numbers of customers who come in and need assistance with understanding the Dewey Decimal system or how to use a mouse. No matter the technology, we will still have those customers. The future of libraris requires a synergy of these two approaches.

"Into A New World"

I am pleased to say that TCCL leaders have been very open to new technologies and as suggested in this article, they made good, fast decisions and there are a wealth of trenspotters on staff to help lead the way. No wonder we're a 5-star library.

"Powerful Ways to Cooperate"

I would love to see TCCL allow for some sort of user added value to our website. The problem becomes who and how we will control the content. Check out Hennepin County's Bookspace. That's my RA fantasy!

"Temporary Place in Time"

Amen! I like the idea of being an informed tour guide. Makes me want to have a routine like flight attendants. The exits are here and here....Ha!

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