Monday, March 30, 2009


Well, you learn something new every day. I never knew what the pod stood for in podcasting. In fact, I didn't know exactly what a podcast was. But after the instructional video and exploring PodcastAlley I now have a better understanding. There are so many feeds to subscribe to. It's a bit overwhelming. After perusing several podcasts I finally decided to visit NPR to see if they had any podcasts online. They have over 643 podcasts posted. I signed up to receive feeds for Nancy Pearls book reviews and NPR's In Character series that examines fictional characters in pop culture. While NPR only showed subscription links to iTunes and Yahoo readers, it did have a link to copy and paste into your personal reader if it wasn't posted. It was very easy to add to Bloglines. Just like adding any other RSS feed. As for great uses for podcasting in libraries are author interviews for book clubs, instructional podcasts for computers, investing, etc. and demonstrations for programming (ex. knitting).

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